Dr. RG Bailey – President, Director, Investment Committee

Dr. R Gerald Bailey has over a career of over 50 years in the petroleum industry with extensive engineering, management and senior executive assignments. He has domestic and international experience in all aspects of the industry, both upstream and downstream, with particular Middle East skills, along with U.S. onshore and offshore experience. Dr. RG Bailey is retired from Exxon, lastly as President, Exxon Arabian Gulf, where he was responsible for all Exxon business interests in the region. During his Exxon career he served as an executive with the Abu Dhabi Onshore Oil Company, the Qatar Petroleum Corp, Exxon Lago Oil Aruba, and Esso Standard Libya. In addition to his role with Trinity Energy, he serves as CEO of MCW Energy, and in board positions and advisory roles with several other ventures.

Dr. Bailey is a member of Middle East Policy Council, Society of Petroleum Engineers, and a life member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers He has written many articles, papers, and studies on the oil industry, and has been a keynote speaker at many industry conferences. A native Houstonian, Dr. Bailey earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Houston, a Master of Science degree in chemical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. from Columbia Pacific University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas. He has received the Lifetime Achievement Award by the University of Houston.


Mike Pugh – Chief Financial Officer, Investment Committee

Mike Pugh is currently the CFO for the Fund. Mr. Pugh has over forty years of extensive experience in financial accounting and administrative management for publicly trading entities, with a concentration in E&P companies both domestic and international. Mr. Pugh held several positions at Devon/Santa Fe Snyder (a multi-national oil and gas E&P company with over 2,000 employees and 40,000 barrels per day production), culminating as International Treasurer. Mr. Pugh also worked as CFO/VP for several E&P startup ventures, where he successfully completed the public offering of securities and oversaw SEC regulatory, reporting and compliance responsibilities (10K, 10-Q, 8-K, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.). Throughout his career, Mr. Pugh has negotiated several hundred million in funding and credit negotiations with banks and corporation in the energy sector, and he was responsible for several successful acquisitions and dispositions.

Dr. Robert J. Miles – Technical Evaluations for Oil and Gas Exploration Innovations Lead Geophysicist for Exploration Analysis, Investment Committee

President, and CEO 2008 – Present
Founded company based on bringing advanced signal processing technology to energy and minerals exploration. Company focuses on Natural Resource Exploration is profitable and expanding rapidly and has international operations in South America in Natural Resource Exploration. Accomplishments include:
• Several international exploration projects that included complete geological and geophysicalanalyses resulted in three new plays in frontier areas.
• Led over 100 geological and geophysical exploration projects across over 25 states in the U.S.Predictive success rate above 85% over the last two years.
• Over 10,000 wells in conventional and unconventional plays analyzed in range of geologicalsituations including carbonates and silicates, sandstones, biogenic (reefal), igneous, and shales.Containment mechanisms range from stratigraphic, alluvial, fault-bound, and structural (folds,grabens, etc.)
• Developed innovative “QuickLook” analysis for O&G exploration. This method comprehensivelycombines a wide range of conventional and unconventional exploration datasets, processingtechniques, and interpretations to reduce exploration risk.
• Co-published several papers on processing remote sensing datasets to maximize informationcontent and insight. Co-published paper on alignment of various geophysical modalities withdifferent spatial characteristics.

Exploration Technical Evaluator and Entrepreneur-in-Residence 2008 – 2009
Lead evaluator in a broad range of exploration technologies including seismic, electromagnetics, radiometrics, thermal, hyperspectral, digital well log reading, and advanced formation mapping techniques. Determined which areas are most cost effective for predicting potential hydrocarbon reservoir presence. Created investment grade startup for venture funding for sponsors in which multi-million dollar investment offer was made (Liquid Green Technologies).

General Partner 2001 – 2004
Formulated and led Koch Industries in two new major investment areas: Materials and Exploration Technology. Analyzed and modified Koch Industries’ oil and gas exploration approaches. Wrote technical whitepapers for new exploration technologies, including cost-benefit analysis.
• Sourced, led diligence and customized trials for several oil and gas exploration technologycompanies utilizing a mixture of datasets and mapping technologies for locating oil and gasdeposits. Led to joint venture discussions between an exploration company and Koch E&P Group. Did seed investment.

• Developed Koch Industries energy investment thesis and white papers for materials and exploration technology, including an overview of all emerging technologies and the pros and cons of each.
• Led spinout of intellectual property from Dupont into successful startup, Textronics. Structured entire business plan, built executive team and raised series A. The IP was a basis for a unique product line based on patented conductive textiles for power and signaling. Company raised $6M in series A financing and has launched with first line in bio-monitoring clothing. Company reached profitability in 2007.

Engagement Manager 1994 –1998
Led or co-led six engagements with senior management at multi-billion dollar O&G and high tech firms for risk management strategy and process reengineering.
Typical Energy-related engagements included:
• Developed comprehensive risk management strategy for oil and gas major. Included full analysis and modeling of entire portfolio of businesses as well as volatility of business cycles across their portfolio.
• Analyzed innovation process for an oil and gas major in order to accelerate the time required for new technologies to be developed and adopted. Developed strategies to work with independents and academics to improve overall process.
• Built world’s first trading platform futures and options markets for selected 2nd tier petrochemical, creating a billion dollar business. This effort included meeting with major suppliers and users of these chemicals to establish both supply and demand side for hedging.
• Performed operations benchmarking and efficiency study for major utility company.


John H. Harris – Consulting in Geo-information Management, Investment Committee 

Expertise Includes:

Petroleum Geology, Prospect Development, 3D Geological Modeling, Geo-statistics, Structural Geology, Reserves Estimation, Asset Evaluation, Acquisitions and Divestments, Oil and Gas deal sourcing.


Sixteen years experience in the Energy industry with roles spanning from geologic interpretation, exploration prospect generation, development of partnerships/JV’s engaging in the development of hydrocarbon reserves, and assisting investors in securing interests in oil and gas projects.


Numeric Solutions

June 2000-Present: Management of technical consulting firm with overall responsibility for business and technical operations. Major clients and accomplishments include:

Amrich Energy LLC. / Golden Gate Oil LLC.

April 2012 – Present: Lead geologist in charge of Casmalia and Santa Maria Valley development projects. Responsibilities include well planning, drilling operations, reserves estimation, prospect generation and review.

Aera Energy LLC.

June 2005-Present: Geological consulting to Exploration and development teams in Ventura and San Joaquin Basins.

Venoco Inc.

July 2001-Present: Geological interpretation for onshore and offshore assets. Operations/development geologist for West Montalvo asset 2008-2010.

OXY/Vintage Production California LLC.,

June 2006-Present: Geological evaluation for newly acquired Ventura Basin properties. Responsibilities include: 3D model develop-ment, reserves estimation, behind pipe pay/RTP selection, exploration prospect evaluation.

Rancho Equity Partners Inc.,

June 2007- Present: As a principal, geologic interpretation and evaluation of San Joaquin Basin projects.

Dynamic Graphics Inc.,

2006-Present: Domain expert in Energy sector for small technical software company. Specific roles included assistance with custom software development and sales in China and the Middle East.

Plains Exploration and Production Inc.

July 2002- July 2004: Numerical reservoir characterization for company-operated California petroleum assets.

Plains Resources Inc.

July 2000- July 2002: Designed and implemented a corporate spatial database to store geological data relevant to company-owned assets including.

Direct Positions

University of California Santa Barbara

Consulting Geologist, August 2001-2005: Lead soft-ware developer for an online mapping system and a spatial database used to store ecological maps. Consult on GIS and spatial statistics projects.

Texaco Inc.

Geoscientist, July 1997 – August 2001: Various positions in Texas and California ranging from development geologist for Kern River and Midway Sunset oil fields (California) to positions responsible for the application of emerging technologies to enhanced oil recovery practices in Texas and California.

USGS, Branch of Atlantic Marine Geology

Intern Geoscientist, Summer 1994: Analysis of data collected during geophysical surveys within the Transantarctic Mountains.


M.S. Geology – University of Michigan, 1996

B.S. Geology – University of New Hampshire, 1993

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Association for Computing Machinery

Geological Society of America

International Association for Mathematical Geology


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